[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 92711] Unknown Card-Ids (3371|1019|2125)

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--- Comment #3 from tylderon at yahoo.com.br ---
Hello, Kevin.
Don't worry at all. You're doing it for free, and I've been keeping track of
the truckload of changes you've been comitting to OpenChrome. I have to say I'm
pretty glad you got the time, interest *and* technical skills to help so
thoroughly with this project. Thank you for all you (and everyone else) have
been doing for this hardware. Believe it or not, this video card is quite
widespread around (because it's so cheap) and it's sad to see Linux having so
many issues with it.
There are less issues now, thanks to your work (and the other contributors'
too). And maybe kernel integration in the foreseeable future. Pretty cool. :-)
The bad news is that I don't have the hardware with me anymore, so I really
can't test the changes. It's not with anyone I'm in touch with either (it's
been donated), so I can't contact anyone to test it.
The good news is that, as soon as I "committed" my changes (attached to this
bug) and rebuilt the driver, it worked flawlessly and automagically. No quirky
Xorg settings, nothing. So it seems that it was *really* just a matter of
adding it to the device table. My hardware id is strictly the same as the one
in the new bug you mentioned. I know testing it would be the perfect solution,
but there's little theoretical difference between our cases - the solution for
the new bug should "solve" my problem as well.
I'm glad you're trying to make the driver less table-dependent. I can't really
understand why it would *need* to match a device table in order to work, once
it has already been detected as OpenChrome by the whole subsystem (I can
understand its usefulness, but not it's absolute *necessity*).
My best regards to you and the team!
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    Comment # 2 on bug 92711 from  Kevin Brace Just to let you know, OpenChrome
project has been without a maintainer for many
This is why you did not get a response.
I recently obtained a commit privilege, and have already made several commits.


I also wrote a detailed instructions on how to compile the device driver.


It may not be necessary since you already know how to compile the device
driver, but just included the location of it for your reference.
I can say that your bug appears similar to a newer bug that got reported


It will be nice if you can try the latest OpenChrome master branch code without
your LCD related workaround, in order to see what happens.
In general, I am inclined to reduce the usage of the predefined device table
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