[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 92711] Unknown Card-Ids (3371|1019|2125)

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Thu Feb 18 20:14:05 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Since this bug is almost identical to Bug 94130, and I recommended that bug
report's status to be changed to "RESOLVED FIXED," I will change the status of
this bug report to  "RESOLVED FIXED" as well.
The soon to be released OpenChrome Version 0.3.4 will fix the crash issue.
As for the unknown ID reported in the log, it does not affect the operation of
the device driver, so it will not be dealt with for now.
I will like OpenChrome to move in the direction of reducing the use of a known
device table moving forward, so this issue will be handled when the code is
updated to reduce the dependency on the known device table.

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