[Openchrome-devel] arandr rotate screen

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Fri Feb 19 07:56:35 UTC 2016

Hi Eric,
> Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 03:56:45 +0000 (UTC)
> From: Eric Kudzin <knoppix1337 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [Openchrome-devel] arandr rotate screen
> Message-ID:
> 	<1117631795.5371797.1455854205526.JavaMail.yahoo at mail.yahoo.com>
> Ok so I installed Lubuntu 12.04 i386 and followed your compile instructions. 
> Current setup: Wyse Vx0LE http://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/wyse/vx0/WyseV90LE.shtml , lspci shows: [S3 Unichrome Pro] (rev 01), HP LP2065 4:3 monitor, VGA mode (DVI-VGA adapter) 1600x1200 60hz. 
> I installed ARandR and tried to rotate the screen. if I go 180' a dialog box comes up and says:XRandR failed:XRandR returned error code 1: xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed
> If I rotate 90' or 270' the display blanks out and the login box appears after a bit. I think it crashes X. 
> dmesg shows:agpgart-via 0000:00:00:0: AGP V3 bridgeagpgart-via 0000:00:00:0: putting agp V3 device into 8x modepci 0000:01:00:0: putting agp V3 device into 8x mode
> Let me know if I need to test this at different resolutions or using DVI.
> Eric

Is it possible you can file the bug over at http://bugs.freedesktop.org/?
When you file it, you should file it against xorg (i.e., scroll down the screen).
When you get to the next screen when you actually filing the bug, select "Driver/openchrome" for "Component."
If you can, you may want to attach Xorg.0.log to the bug report located under /var/log.
dmesg is typically not that useful, so I do not think you need to attach it to the bug report.
I may ask you to upload a few more log files later, but attaching Xorg.0.log will be the start.


Kevin Brace

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