[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 94259] No mouse cursor (invisible) with dual monitors and DVI/VGA "Y" cable, no display on DVI

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Wed Feb 24 04:35:55 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Eric,

I will say that it will probably take some time to fix your bug.
At this pace, I will guess that OpenChrome Version 0.3.5 will likely have the
bug fix you are asking for.
That being said, the bug you are describing sounds very similar to the bug I
was trying to fix until recently.
For a while, I have been trying to fix a bug with standby mode resume bug
OpenChrome currently suffers from if I am using a laptop with an LCD screen.
I actually work on OpenChrome development in the very laptop I am having this
Eventually, I pinpointed the bug to several internal registers getting the
settings changed (or lost) if the computer resume from standby.
However, this fix has not been committed due to the mouse cursor getting lost
completely if I only use LCD.
Until the mouse cursor is restored completely, I really cannot commit the
However, I eventually discovered that if I turn on external VGA after resume
(by using a screen resolution utility that comes with Lubuntu) or using VGA
simultaneously when I resume, the mouse cursor is displayed correctly on the
    The problem with OpenChrome code is that the previous developers did not
really care too much about code maintainability and fixing bugs, and the code
is truly a mess at this point.
I am little by little trying to clean it up, but this will take a lot of time
to accomplish (i.e., will likely require hundreds of code commits).
Please be patient because I will devote more time resources on fixing your bug
after I fix the DVI related bugs I am trying to fix right now (see Bug 91966)
before Version 0.3.4 release.

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