[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 94277] driver does not detect VGA monitor, but there is one

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--- Comment #8 from Benno Schulenberg <bensberg at justemail.net> ---

Hi Kevin,

No problems with the "reverting" part.  :)  It was just to see whether it would

(In reply to Kevin Brace from comment #6)
> Perhaps, I can change the code to remove manual VGA detection code, and just
> assume that a VGA monitor exists even if VGA monitor was not detected via
> I2C buses.

I wouldn't remove any detecttion code -- it's always nice to actually detect
something, if possible, and to see in the log that it /was/ detected.  But
indeed, when in the end nothing at all can be detected, simply enabling the VGA
output as a fallback seems like a sensible idea.  Especially since there
apparently exist faulty I2C busses and degraded monitors. (That is: /if/ this
cannot damage the chip in any way when in fact there is nothing at all VGA-like
connected to the chip's pins.)

One other little I'd change is this line:

> > [    22.858] (II) CHROME(0): EDID for output VGA-1

Don't print that line unless actually an EDID was found, or at least change the
wording to something like: "Looking for an EDID for output VGA-1...".

Sorry, no, I don't have any other monitor or cable available.  I did unplug and
replug the cable -- it appears to be in good shape.  On both sides pin 9 is
missing, though, which is supposed to be +5V.  Would that prevent the I2C bus
from working?

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