[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 94259] No mouse cursor (invisible) with dual monitors and DVI/VGA "Y" cable, no display on DVI

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Mon Jun 13 17:36:00 UTC 2016


--- Comment #38 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to caozong from comment #35)

Hi Zong,

> Hi Kevin,
>    I've tried the OpenChrome Version 0.4.179 on KMS and UMS(I renamed drm.ko
> drm_kms_help.ko and via.ko). Cursor shows up on UMS!! And it works well. But
> it remain the same on KMS.
> Setup: Wyse V90LE http://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/wyse/vx0/WyseV90LE.shtml 
> Chipset: CN700
> System: Ubuntu 12.04
> Kernel: linux 3.19 drm-openchrome
> DDX: xf86-video-openchrome release 0.4.0
> Monitor:LEN E2323swA (DVI-D)

Someone pointed out a regression I caused with Version 0.4.177 (Bug 96500).
This affects monitors with 1920 dots horizontal resolution (i.e., 1920 X 1080)
for IGA1.
This bug was just fixed.
Use Version 0.4.180 or later.


I think for now, by luck, DVI is getting assigned to IGA2, and probably why you
did not encounter the bug (The bug only affects IGA1.).
Anyway, I am glad that DVI coming out of VT1632A is now working with CN700
    Regarding the cursor bug, I will put more time into it when I start working
towards releasing OpenChrome Version 0.6.
Right now for Version 0.5, I have a few more things to work on, along with a
bug that has become an effective blocker for release of Version 0.5 (Bug
Unfortunately, fixing one bug often takes tremendous amount of concentration
depending on how tricky it is to fixing it, and as a result, I have not been
able to spend adequate amount of time on helping to fix the OpenChrome DRM /
KMS bug you have reported.

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