[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 95420] Driver 0.4.0 crashes with recent linux kernel version

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Tue Jun 14 21:35:49 UTC 2016


--- Comment #27 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Torsten, 

I just filed a bug report with Linux kernel developers.


You may have to help them fix the bug as well.
    Just to let you know, it often takes weeks to months to fix just one bug,
and when you first filed the bug report, I was not really able to concentrate
on your bug since I was trying to fix other bugs of OpenChrome that were a lot


That version (Version 0.4.158) fixed the longstanding bug with runtime screen
resolution change, and also, that was the hardest bug so far for me to find the
solutions to it.
Furthermore, I wanted to implement the initial support for those that have
VT1632A DVI chip, and this was achieved with Version 0.4.179.


Often times, it takes tremendous amount of intellectual concentration to fix
just one bug, and in many cases, the bugs were mainly created the previous
developers who did not test their code adequately.
Both of those 2 bugs fit this category.
Anyway, I will stay on this bug until it is fixed, but in the meantime, I will
start making the final preparation for OpenChrome Version 0.5 RC2.
I will keep the bug open until Linux kernel developers do something about it.

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