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--- Comment #3 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Eric,

I will need to reduce the scope of this bug so that I can have some control of
the situation.
Is it possible that if you can limit the use to VGA only or DVI only for now.
This is because it is quite possible that DVI is being assigned to IGA2
(display controller 2) which is more flexible in terms of the screen resolution
it can support compared to IGA1.
For IGA1, screen resolution has to be in increments of 8 dots due to the way it
is designed (it is a legacy carryover from IBM VGA era).
However, IGA2 can be in 1 dot increment, and maybe that is contributing to this
goofy "native resolution + 1" bug you are seeing right now.
Unfortunately, I do not own a monitor that can give that much detailed
information like the one you own, so this is the likely reason why this
happened in the first place.
If I have noticed this beforehand, I would have dealt with it.
If you do not see this bug with IGA1 (i.e., VGA) but with IGA2 (i.e., DVI),
then what I will likely do is to subtract 1 extra when IGA2 display controller
screen timing registers are set.
Hopefully that will solve the bug.
Let me know if you can confirm the setup I am describing here (whether or not
this is with VGA or DVI).

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