[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 96352] Complete lockup of Wyse Xn0L laptop using 0.4.158

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--- Comment #10 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Eric,

Another thing to note is that due to the way OpenChrome is written currently,
it really cannot handle a triple head configuration.
My recommendation is to avoid using DVI simultaneously with LVDS FP for now.
LVDS FP does work with VGA simultaneously, and in fact, I use it like this
almost everyday.
In some ways, triple head configuration is not uncommon; many VIA IGP based
laptops were sold in LVDS FP + VGA + TV configuration.
Probably around OpenChrome Version 0.6 or 0.7, code will be updated to
accommodate having more than 2 display devices.
I am still largely fixing the existing code, and very little of my own code has
made its way into OpenChrome at this point (Also, I only had OpenChrome Git
repository access for "only" 4 1/2 months.).
The current work I am conducting is really a preparation work for the future
KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) mainlining work that has to happen at some point.
    If my guess as to which version caused the regression is correct, then I
will make a patch for you to test so that if I can exonerate the rest of the

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