[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 96711] K8M800/K8N800 (unsure which): 0.5.0-rc2 gets stuck saturating cpu during basic use

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Tue Jun 28 19:50:53 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Roc,

Just noticed something.

. . .
[    85.104] (==) CHROME(0): Default visual is TrueColor
[    85.104] (II) CHROME(0): VIASetupDefaultOptions - Setting up default
chipset options.
[    85.104] (**) CHROME(0): Option "SWCursor" "true"
[    85.104] (**) CHROME(0): Option "NoXVDMA" "true"
[    85.104] (==) CHROME(0): Shadow framebuffer is disabled.
. . .

Does the hardware cursor work?
I know that software cursor slows down the system somewhat.
I will also be curious if multi-monitor (RandR) is working with your setup
since I got it working with this release, although some problems still do exist
(i.e., If you put the second screen near the extended screen right side border,
the second screen gets messed up. In order to workaround this problem, move the
second screen slightly away from the right side border. I still have not
figured out a good solution to this bug.)
In your case, you should be able to do LVDS FP + VGA.
TV has number of problems, and I have observed this with EPIA-M mainboard
(CLE266 + VT1622A).

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