[Openchrome-devel] [ANNOUNCEMENT] OpenChrome Version 0.4.0 is almost ready

Svenska svenska-ml at arcor.de
Thu Mar 31 02:27:47 UTC 2016


I have tested the current master branch (1203f32) on my "One A110" 
netbook (Quanta IL1, VX800) without any xorg.conf.

What works:
- internal display (800x480, detected as LVDS-1)
- VGA connector (including hotplug)
- panning (within limits, see below)
- mouse pointer

This is already a big step forwards - thank you!

Complicated mode changes and advanced features crash, e.g:
$ xrandr --output LVDS-1 --off --output VGA-1 --preferred
$ xrandr --output LVDS-1 --scale 0.5x0.5

Multi-Monitoring does not work, e.g:
- "--output VGA-1 --right-of LVDS-1" makes LCD show garbage
- then, trying to turn off LCD results in a crash

Panning works even with both displays active (that is, VGA shows full 
1280x768 image, and LVDS shows a 800x480 moving subimage). This is 
useful when applications don't cope with small resolutions.

Approaching the untested boundaries of darkness (e.g. enabling panning 
for framebuffers of 2048x2048 or larger) leads to dragins (garbage, 
crashes, strange behaviour).

ACPI standby seems broken (display fades to white), but since the whole 
system crashes as well, there might be other factors involved as well.

I did not test XVideo.

In my opinion, this version is still a major step forward from version 
0.3.3 and I am thankful for that.

Best Regards,

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