[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 95146] No mouse cursor (invisible) with DVI cable

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--- Comment #2 from caozong <caozong at iscas.ac.cn> ---
I have some updates.

First,I have 4 kinds of environments: 
    vx900 KMS, vx900 UMS, cn700 KMS(bug), cn700 UMS. 
And I tried to print all values of cursor-related registers 
I found that the cn700 platform use HI_FBOFFSET and HI_CONTROL which are for
second display to show cursor. And the others' value is 0. (the result is in
the attachment)

Then I check the code in drm-openchrome/driver/gpu/drm/via/via_crtc.c
        /* Program the offset and turn on Hardware icon Cursor */
        if (iga->index) {
                VIA_WRITE(HI_FBOFFSET, iga->cursor_kmap.bo->offset);
                VIA_WRITE(HI_CONTROL, 0xB6000005);
        }else {
                VIA_WRITE(PRIM_HI_FBOFFSET, iga->cursor_kmap.bo->offset);
                VIA_WRITE(PRIM_HI_CTRL, 0x36000005);
On cn700, it's "else" that always takes place. The register for second display
is never set.

So I simply change the condition into true. HI_FBOFFSET and HI_CONTROL are set
correctly, but cursor is still not showing.

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