[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 97553] Switching to tty1 gives only blank screen with version newer than 0.5.103

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--- Comment #3 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Max,

First of all, I apologize for causing inconvenience on your side.
I do strive to fix OpenChrome, but unfortunately in the process, unexpected
portions of the code breaks for some people.
I have been aware of some issues with tty1 terminal switch for some time.
At least with the two computer I mainly use for testing, Epic 1314 (VN896
chipset) and Sylvania g netbook (VX700 chipset), Ctrl + Alt + F1 switch works
as long as the use does not put the computer into standby. (ACPI S3 State)
Once the computer is put into standby, and resume from it, Ctrl + Alt + F1
causes Epic 1314 to freeze or causes Sylvania g netbook for have a blank screen
similar to what you are describing. (It can come out of the blank screen with
repeated Ctrl + Alt + F7. One try usually does not do it.)
I do own a mainboard with P4M890 chipset (It was made by ABIT.), but due to a
personal event that happened in mid-July, I do not have access to it, and it
will be like this probably until October.
    Regarding the bisecting you have performed, Version 0.5.103 rewrote the VGA
register save / restore portion.
I did this, in order to fix a bug that caused Sylvania g netbook and KM400
chipset based boxes to lose the screen after standby resume.
For both of them, standby resume now works, although Ctrl + Alt + F1 causes the
screen to go blank from hereon.
I will start working on fixing this bug before OpenChrome Version 0.6 release 
Regarding the cause, I will think that I am not properly saving all VGA
registers is the root cause, but I have not found the exact root cause of the
That being said, since you did the bisecting of the bug, that will be a good
starting point for me to look into the bug.

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