[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 95059] DVI port failure with external TMDS transimitter for T510/T5555/C90LE thin clients

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Wed Sep 28 02:07:06 UTC 2016


--- Comment #33 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Justin,

I uploaded another patch for you to try.
This one will assume the availability of DVI attached to the VX900's integrated
TMDS transmitter.
One of the reason why your DVI coming from the VX900's integrated TMDS
transmitter (in this particular implementation, it is attached to the DVI-D
port), is due to OpenChrome not being able to properly detect the DVI presence.
For SiI 164 and VT1632(A), there is a way to do this, so OpenChrome knows the
availability of the monitor when it inquires the small transmitter chip, but I
have had no success with VX900 chipset so far. (or anything other than CX700 /
VX700 chipsets)
Over the past few months, I have found several flaws in the existing code, and
the flaw was that with the existing code, the software controlled power rail
registers shared with laptop type flat panels were only initialized when
OpenChrome initializes the laptop type flat panels.
Most thin clients do not come with a laptop type flat panel, so this was a
major flaw.
Now, the code initializes the power rail registers in the code dedicated to
initializing the integrated TMDS transmitter available in CX700 and VX700
I would imagine that most register locations related to the integrated TMDS
transmitters have not changed, so if the code "fakes" the DVI presence, it
might be able to control DVI.
I hope it works.

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