[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 100679] Garbled graphics when resuming from standby

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--- Comment #7 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Marty,

Thanks for providing me with the information I asked.
I may need a little more information since I do not have a similar model (VN896
chipset with a 24-bit interface FP) with me.

1) CRTC Register 0x96 (3D5.96)

$ sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3d5.96

I will like to know this register's value since "via_regs_dump -d" does not
provide the value of this register.
At least I need to know the value for Version 0.6.10x, but it will be nice to
know the value for Version 0.3.3 as well.

2) Xorg.0.log for Version 0.3.3

I2C bus probing of FP is disabled with Version 0.6, although I am planning to
get it back eventually.
That being said, this feature worked with Version 0.3.3, so I will like to know
how it performs.

3) via_regs_dump -d after Ctrl + Alt + F1

In order to capture it, copy via_regs_dump to /home/"Your User ID".
You can switch to VT (Virtual Terminal), enter User ID and password, and then

$ sudo ./via_regs_dump -d > ("Whatever appropriate name")

When doing this, you will have to deal with a messed up screen, so you may want
to remember that you need to enter your password before the program is
It will be nice if you can do this for both Version 0.3.3 and 0.6, but 0.6
alone might be enough.

Again, it is probably desirable for an external monitor to be used when dealing
with this since you will lose control of the FP.
As for myself, I will try to come up with a patch for you to try in a day or
two, based on the information I have now.

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