[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 99007] openchrome driver 0.5.0 interferes with b43 wifi

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--- Comment #9 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Please try Version 0.5.180 or commit 0ea654c1d0a786b2392773ac33b2b7adc556a947.


This version resolves the bug temporarily.
I moved my main development hard drive (40 GB) to HP 2133 Mini-Note, and did
bisecting of the code.
It took a while, but I finally figured out which commits caused this bug.
The changes made to the code between Version 0.4.129 and 0.4.130 "broke" your
Broadcom PCIe WLAN.
I also have VN896 chipset for my other development laptop (Epic 1314), but this
one uses a USB based WLAN card (I believe the card connector has connections to
PCIe and USB, but only USB is used for this particular card. The USB WLAN
card's chip is made by Ralink.), so I never noticed the breakage.
I did confirm that the Broadcom PCIe WLAN of my HP 2133 is now working. 
    I will come up with a permanent solution over the next few weeks.
This will likely involve the probing of the pin strapping to determine the FP
type (12 bit vs. 24 bit) in order to decide which drivers to turn on.
This is somewhat tricky since VIA Technologies never made their early PCI
Express generation chipset (P4M890 / K8M890 / P4M900) documents public, but I
have obtained enough information here and there that I think I can pull this
one off.
    Thank you very much for reporting the bug since I never noticed the bug,
and I wanted to come up with a fix so that I can get the code ready for
OpenChrome Version 0.6.
The promised permanent fix will be incorporated prior to the Version 0.6
release candidate testing period.

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