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Hi Thomas,

Okay, my guess is you may have to be ready to compile the latest OpenChrome
from the Git repository, and see what happens.


Here is the detailed instructions on how to do it.


I do not currently own a UniChrome Pro based laptop. so that is part of the
reason why I was not aware of the weird screen you are seeing.
That being said, it is possible that the screen is fine with OpenChrome Version
0.2.906 (or 904) that shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04, but not with Version
0.3.3 that shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 and possibly 16.04.0.
I believe Canonical recently took Version 0.5 code since Debian people
"finally" moved away from Version 0.3.3. (I tried to get one of their developer
to do this, but he refused in April 2016.)
A lot of changes happened between the two, and I was not involved in the
project during that period.
That being said, I am very interested in fixing the bug, but you will have to
be aware that I do not own the exact same equipment you currently have.
Other than trying out the latest pre-Version 0.6 Git repository code, you will
need to narrow down the version that broke your screen.
We will also be using via_reg_dump tool to figure out how the display registers
are being set.

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