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--- Comment #8 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Gajdos Tamás from comment #7)

Hi Thomas,

> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for the guide. I followed it and compiled/installed OpenChrome with
> debugging enabled, and happy to report that I see no screen problem on
> Lubuntu 12.04.
> $ sed -e 's/\[.*\]//' /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -A 3 "openchrome"
>  (II) LoadModule: "openchrome"
>  (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/openchrome_drv.so
>  (II) Module openchrome: vendor="http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Openchrome/"
>  	compiled for 1.11.3, module version = 0.5.180
>  	Module class: X.Org Video Driver
>         ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 11.0
> The current xorg.xonf is very minimal:
> Section "Device"
> 	Identifier	"CardVia"
> 	Driver	"openchrome"
> #	Option	"AccelMethod"	"EXA"
> #	Option  "SWCursor"	"True"
> EndSection
> Note: I also tested AccelMethod "EXA" on openchrome 0.2.904 yesterday, it
> was okay, but I got some minor artifacts.
> What debug information, outputs do you require?
> I can try later a newer HWE (i.e. quantal 12.04.2), and install the latest
> OpenChrome there.

Okay, I am glad the latest OpenChrome is now working fine.
The thing is, due to the code condition of where OpenChrome used to be and is
now, inevitably we will have to handle its support only on a rolling release
What this means is that, we (In practice, it should be "I." I am really the
only one writing the code and doing validation, and most technical support is
done by me as well.) cannot support or fix past releases.
The current release is the only version we support, and the last official
version is Version 0.5 released in July 2016.
In practice, only the latest code in the Git repository is what we really care
The past releases are only useful for pointing out regression of the code, and
if it used to work properly in the past release, but no longer works in the
current release or latest code, we will fix the latest code so that it will
work like it did in the past releases.
We do maintain code backward compatibility all the way to X.Org Server 1.7
officially (i.e., Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), and in practice, OpenChrome code can be
compiled against X.Org Server 1.4 as well. (i.e., Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)
That being said, there are issues with rendering on X.Org Server 1.4 under
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, so it is not really that useful for such an old release of
X.Org Server.
What this all means is that, if one wants to use OpenChrome, you will need to
use the latest version even if the OS you are using is rather dated. (i.e.,
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
But, unlike other device driver projects, we will not drop code support for
older OSes in exchange.
Mode setting code in OpenChrome DDX will stay there indefinitely even when the
next generation OpenChrome DRM is someday mainlined with the Linux kernel.
    Another thing that might leading to some confusion is that the official
homepage of the OpenChrome Project has not been updated for a while (i.e. 3
years) because I do not really have much ties with the past developers, and the
homepage was done by previous maintainers / developers.
    Regarding EXA, that's the only acceleration architecture the latest code
supports since XAA code was removed between Version 0.3.2 and 0.3.3.
I believe the EXA is in very good condition, and I personally have not seen
rendering issues with the latest code.
Please note that I have never changed the rendering code since I got involved
in the project, and I have only been involved in rewriting initialization and
display detection code.
And again, due to our rolling release support policy, we will not fix Version
0.2.904's EXA related issues.
    Regarding Canonical's device driver update policy, I was not really able to
get them to update the still supported older releases' device driver like
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. (Lubuntu 12.04 still benefits from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS being an
LTS release.) when I tried with one of their developers
Apparently, they have a policy of not offering new device drivers even if the
device driver author assures them that it will work and also improves the
stability of past OS releases.
I think I may have to learn to create a PPA repository, in order to support
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS / 14.04 LTS / 16.04 LTS users since I develop OpenChrome
actively on Lubuntu 12.04.
    I do not really use a xorg.conf file except to test 16-bit color mode.
The current OpenChrome can run without xorg.conf.
That being said, if you want to test dual screen (i.e., flat panel + VGA), you
may have to activate software cursor like you have in your xorg.conf. (The
example you showed to me has it commented out.)
This is due to the fact that P4M800 Pro chipset apparently having the ability
to display only one hardware cursor (It is strictly speaking called hardware
icon or HI by VIA Technologies.) even if two screens are being mirrored.
Very likely, there will have to be some additional code in the future that
forces software cursor use when two screens are being used.
So, for your xorg.conf, you can drop "Identifier" and "Driver" options for
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or later, but you may want to keep the software cursor option
just in case you want to use dual screen.
If you want to use dual screen mode, especially left and right wide screen, I
recommend that you use it in 16-bit color mode.
This is due to the hardware limitation of Chrome IGP that it can handle only
2048 dots in the X direction when 32-bit color mode is in use, and in practice,
it works okay only up to 2044 dots.
I just committed a new version (Version 0.5.181) that fixes an issue with wide
screen, so if you want to try, use Version 0.5.181.
But the resolution restriction is more reasonable in 16-bit color mode since
4088 dots in the X direction is now allowed.
To do this, you can install ARandR from Synaptic Package Manger, and you can
now do wide screen display.

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