[Openchrome-devel] Test Openchrome on VX800

Svenska svenska-bugs at arcor.de
Wed Jan 11 04:42:22 UTC 2017


I have tested a recent version of Openchrome (0.5.178) on my "One A110" 
netbook (Quanta IL1, VX800) again, without any xorg.conf, on a Debian 
stretch/testing and a self-made kernel 4.9.1.

The internal display is correctly detected as FP-1 (older versions used 
LVDS-1) and works fine without an external screen connected. Only the 
native resolution of 800x480 is shown by Xrandr, which breaks some 
application trying to change to the standard 640x480 resolution (mainly 
games and DOSBox), but that's okay. (Older versions used to show 
800x480, 720x480 and 640x480.)

After connecting a VGA screen and running "xrandr" without arguments, 
the external screen comes alive while the internal display immediately 
fades to white. Switching to a virtual console and back fixes this; this 
happens whenever Openchrome reconfigures both screens. This is an 
important regression compared to version 0.4.0.

Xrandr reports a maximum screen size of 2048x2048. However, enabling X 
coordinates larger than 2040 leads to corruption (no crash). Both 
panning and multi-monitoring work fine as long as the total screen width 
does not exceed 2040. Even partly overlapping configurations work fine.

Unfortunately, scaling, rotation or other transformations do not work on 
either screen (xrandr returns "Configure crtc 1 failed" (or crtc 0 for 
VGA). I am really missing support for scaling, since it would make 
dealing with quite many applications easier. (The Windows driver allows 
up to 1024x768 on the internal display, making e.g. the VLC settings 
screen fit on the display.)

The virtual console is not shown on a VGA screen (no signal), and is 
unusable on the internal display if a VGA screen is connected and has 
been detected by Openchrome. This is true even after turning it off 
manually. After unplugging, the virtual console becomes usable again.

XVideo only works on a single screen (the internal display if it is 
active, VGA if it is not). ACPI standby crashes the whole machine, with 
the display fading to white. DPMS seems to work well.

Compared to version 0.4.0, Openchrome feels much more stable. It did not 
crash throughout my testing, and switching to the virtual console fixed 
most modesetting bugs. Thank you very much for your work!

If I may wish for a single thing, it would be support for scaling on the 
internal display. Everything else works well enough for my needs.

I hope I am not annoying you by posting these mails every once in a 
while. :-)

Best Regards,

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