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--- Comment #10 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Gajdos Tamás from comment #9)

Hi Thomas,

I am glad the stuff is working correctly with the latest code.
While I have not figured out the procedure yet, I am planning to create an
Ubuntu PPA (Personal Package Archive) for OpenChrome.
That should make it easier to upgrade OpenChrome in the future.

> Hi Kevin,
> My first guess was that my problem is EXA related, because with XAA there
> was no issue. But I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on 0.2.904 with
> AccelMethod "EXA".
> I did an upgrade to Lubuntu 14.04 and Lubuntu 16.04. Both times the issue
> appeared. But after compiling the openchrome from your git and installing
> it, everything returned to normal. No strange layer.
> Maybe later I will do an update to 16.10 and maybe to 17.04 again to see if
> the problem is solvable there also with the git version.
> I will mark this bug resolved/fixed.
> Thank you for the advices, infos and for the working driver!

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