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Hi Mario,

Several things.

1) You will need to change this request's "Product" to "freedesktop.org" and
"Component" to "New Accounts"


2) If I recall it correctly, you may have to post a useful patch before the
commit privilege is granted. 
If you post a useful patch, I will commit it for you on your behalf.

3) Familiarize yourself with the OpenChrome Project status.
I have been working on this for almost two years already.


I certainly will not claim the code to be anywhere near perfect, but it is not
"totally broken" either.
I have made many important fixes and several feature additions to the code
(DDX) in the past two years.

4) Parallelize the development

I have been in charge of DDX's mode setting code, and have also been fixing
issues with the DRM lately.
It will not make much sense to work on what I work on already, so you will like
to pick something a little different than what I do.
Towards the end of the OpenChrome presentation I made in September 2017, there
is TODO sort of a list, so you may want to pick something from there.
I will say that EXA (2D) acceleration with OpenChrome DRM should be something
of a high priority.
3D acceleration for Chrome9 engine with Gallium3D will also be nice.
Both involve the new OpenChrome DRM still in development, so you will need to
get used to compiling Linux kernel regularly.

> Got Laptop with VIA P4M900 hardware / 8237A etc..
> hopefully we can make this driver usable for linux kernels, as we know it
> was long time totally broken, and now as well on Ubuntu Studio 16.04.3 HWE
> when manually installed (openchrome gives me black screen on this one)
> Too bad, as I think VIA has had good features at P4M900 at that point in time
> As an old Amiga freak, I love hardware
> (got also Atari ST, C64, ZX Spectrum etc on a waiting list for a lab gear
> usage)
> Best,
> Mario

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