[openchrome-devel] Heads up: Xorg repository moves

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Sat Jul 7 02:47:29 UTC 2018

Hi Adam,

I am fine with bringing OpenChrome DDX under xorg namespace, but I think OpenChrome DRM and Mesa should stay put.
I remember back from Year 2016 and 2017 that I could not automatically package and upload OpenChrome DDX using /util/modular script due it not supporting OpenChrome DDX.
It took a while to realize why it was not working, and it turned out that it did not have a special entry specifically for OpenChrome in the script.
To resolve this, I looked at how the script worked for Nouveau and made customization for OpenChrome.
I am also fine with CI being activated.
I just hope this transition will go smoothly since I do not really like dealing with administrative issues.


Kevin Brace
Brace Computer Laboratory blog

> Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2018 12:11:16 -0400
> From: Adam Jackson <ajax at redhat.com>
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> Subject: Heads up: Xorg repository moves
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> Hey, if you haven't been following xorg-devel@, we're planning to move
> our repository hosting to freedesktop's gitlab instance. This is
> basically transparent from the client side, your git urls won't change,
> but you get continuous integration hooks for free if you want them.
> Longer term, we'd like to move from a bugzilla/mailing list model to
> tracking issues and merge requests in gitlab as well, but we're leaving
> that optional and per-component.
> I'd hoped to also take this opportunity to merge several of the X-
> related projects under the Xorg namespace and (gitlab) group, in
> particular openchrome nouveau and xcb. Individual subproject ACLs are
> much easier to manage in gitlab, so this is also something of a
> formality. But I understand if people would prefer to keep their own
> top-level project identity, and if this is your project, please do
> speak up.
> There are also some questions about which repos are worth
> migrating/archiving or moving to other namespaces. For details please
> see the freedesktop gitlab ticket:
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/freedesktop/freedesktop/issues/40
> We would like to complete the majority of the move by Monday, July 9,
> but can defer any given component as long as needed. Please raise any
> issues or suggestions on the ticket.
> - ajax

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