[openchrome-devel] [Bug 106326] openchrome git failed on xubuntu 18.04

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--- Comment #68 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
The reason Ctrl + Alt + F1 etc. is not working is due to the VGA registers not
getting restored after standby resume.
At this point, OpenChrome DDX does not have the code to properly restore VGA
registers for VT.
OpenChrome DRM with KMS will resolve this when it is mainlined.

(In reply to sebastien from comment #65)
> ok, i did not make any video, but i kept looking for where the problem might
> come from.
> I disable in the bios the option "resume on usb device" and now the netbook
> seems to suspend correctly.
> when I press the power button to wake up, I see the led of the wifi turned
> on, the key lock maj works again, but the screen stay black ....
> but when I press ctrl + alt + f7, the screen turns on and shows me the lock
> screen but I have no access to it (the mouse or the keyboard does not work)
> so I have to reboot .
> I also tried disabling wifi and ethernet, it does not change anything.
> (I did the test without the second vga screen)
> (ctrl + alt + f1/2/3 etc does not working, just f7)

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