[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 106326] openchrome git failed on xubuntu 18.04

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--- Comment #43 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
sebastien, can you activate VGA and FP, then enter standby?
I assume you are doing this, but if you are just merely hooking up VGA after
resume, I will assume nothing will display since it was disconnected prior to
entering standby.
Unfortunately, there is no support for automatic hotplugging modesetting, and I
wish I can implement this (some of the newer VIA hardware might be capable of
this, but only OpenChrome DRM has the interrupt support needed to support
    Regarding VT after resume, OpenChrome DDX does not really have the code to
reinitialize VT screen at this point.
When the computer enters standby, all the relevant registers lose their values,
hence the blank screen.
GUI desktop is not affected since it has the code to reinitialize all the
relevant registers (Of course, I am not doing something right, so your Samsung
NC20's FP is not currently working after resume.).
If there is a way to reinitialize VT screen's display engine (CRTC is the more
traditional term), then I will like to implement this eventually.
OpenChrome DRM has the fix implemented for this issue (KMS has built-in VT
screen support.), but it won't be available for a while.

(In reply to sebastien from comment #42)
> VGA hotplugging work.
> my netbook standbye correctly but the screen don't resume after, it is dead.
> the netbook working because i was able to pressing caps lock and the led
> working.
> so, I press ctrl+f1/2/3/4/6, and the screen still dead but ctrl+f7 work and
> display a lock up screen of xubuntu, but touchpad or keyboard not working.
> i search a way for collect dump log...

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