[openchrome-devel] [Bug 107412] HPmini 2133 wrong resolution on openchrome v0.6 (1024x768 instead of 1024x600)

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Wed Jan 16 23:46:32 UTC 2019


--- Comment #22 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
sm8ps, sorry to hear that things are not working.
Can you upload your Xorg.0.log so that I have some idea what is going on?
I have personally confirmed that HP 2133 1280 x 768 FP edition works on Xubuntu
18.04, but the initial installation is somewhat tricky.
If I remember it correctly I had to disable VESA and disable mode setting
during installation for it to just install.
I do not use Xubuntu 18.04 at all due to the Eclipse IDE 3.8 and OpenJDK 8
breakage issue that has not been resolved, and I doubt it will ever get fixed
since Canonical people rarely fix issues after the software release even for an
LTS version.

(In reply to sm8ps from comment #20)
> Unfortunately, I am not getting anywhere here so I would be very thankful
> for some guidance and help! I cloned version 0.6.182 from Github and applied
> the patch to it. Then I compiled it on a machine with Ubuntu 16.04. 
> Afterwards, I copied the files /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libchromeXvMC*.so*
> and /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/openchrome_drv.so in place on the HP Mini
> 2133 which runs dCore-Bionic, a variant of Tinycore Linux using Ubuntu
> Bionic packages. 
> The files are the relevant ones from the Ubuntu package
> xserver-xorg-video-openchrome. The Xorg is version 1.19.6 and version 0.6.0
> from the Ubuntu Bionic package works but obviously uses the wrong screen
> resolution.
> The result after issuing startx is an utterly broken system that does not
> react to anything but the system request keys. I am no expert in any of this
> by far and therefore cannot judge if it is my mistake with
> patching/compiling/copying, the special properties of dCore-Bionic or the
> driver itself causing this problem. Any thoughts or ideas? Could somebody
> provide me with a working version of these files to compare?

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