[Openfontlibrary] fonts

Nicu Buculei nicu at nicubunu.ro
Mon Sep 19 05:49:53 PDT 2005

Open Font Library Project has now available a solid infrastructure: 
mailing list, wiki, but it lack the most important ingredient: fonts.
Is true we have so far just only one font (Benji's Tribal - 
http://ocal.bensuz.com/wp-content/TribalBenji_pfb_ttf_svg_final.zip) but 
I think we must put it on the page.
Being just only one font, this may look a silly question, but how we 
store fonts? In a CVS module? As attachments to the wiki? Copied with 
scp to the fd.o server?

If CVS or shell access would be needed, can my account on fd.o 
('nicubunu') become a member of the 'openfontlibrary' group?


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