[Openfontlibrary] Transmogrifying Free Fonts into CA$H

Raph Levien raph.levien at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 10:26:51 PST 2006

On 10/31/06, Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> wrote:
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> Dave, please put this great write-up on this onto our wiki here:
> http://openfontlibrary.org/wiki/index.php/Making_Living
> As a person doing 1B (although not cushy ;), I can say that being a
> contributor to Open Source and good at positioning yourself with good
> reputation will most definitel lead to 1 if you want it...

I must say that my foray into (4) is mostly intended to be an
experiment. I don't expect to make serious money doing font work. To
me, there is a real question of whether releasing a font for free, or
releasing it commercially, is more rewarding, money aside. Releasing
two versions of a font under those two conditions is a nearly
scientific experiment to determine the answer.

Of course, the extent to which the OFLib project gets off the ground
can have a profound effect on the results. Given the excitement and
activity I'm seeing, I'm much more hopeful than I was a few months


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