[Openfontlibrary] X11 (?) & Monofonto

gooly at gmx.at gooly at gmx.at
Fri Jan 18 07:32:26 PST 2008


I realized that the free Monofonto from:

is ok and very nice to use under 
        Suse 	9.3, 
        KDE 		3.5.6-77.1, 
        xorg 	6.8.2-30 ok, 

but under 
        Suse 	10.3
        KDE		3.5.8  - 31.1 ( & the prev. 3.5.7)
        xorg 	7.2-135.4

this free True Type Font (exactly the space between the letters) is 
about 100 times broader or much, much too broad..

This appears with kate (kde-editor) and in the KDE-console and I have no 
idea why and where X11 or KDE) this happens.

Maybe you can fix it?

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