[Openfontlibrary] Hi from argentina

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Sat Jan 19 17:05:50 PST 2008

On 20/01/2008, minombresbond <minombresbond at datafull.com> wrote:
> the discussion about the font sources and the gpl is very interesting,

I'm happy to hear you think so; I used to find licensing very
uninteresting, but I realised that its actually a prerequisite for the
really interesting stuff to happen, and its crucially important to get
it "right" :-)

> i would think the concept of typography sources (or any artistic work) in
> a more comprehensive way that software sources, and continued
> availability of sources is very good idea for me too

Yes, the subject of "sources" for cultural works like videos or images
is something that "free culture" (see freedomdefined.org) is still
struggling to pin down.

> I think the fact that a OFL license is specially developed for typography is
> a really good thing.

I totally agree, people more associated with the design community than
the software freedom community need exactly this kind of license :-)

> I mean that font designers I know will be happy if I say that the license
> is special for fonts, not software (they do not want to be considered
> as developers of a particular type of software..)

Yes, its interesting that they see themselves this way :-) At the
moment I personally see font development very much as developing a
particular kind of software.

> i visited the unifont site, http://unifont.org/go_for_ofl/, and it seems
> that there is a consensus behind the OFL license

Yes; If you succeed in convincing font developers who normally
distribute fonts with proprietary licenses to use the OFL, please do
post about it here :-)

> in the OpenFontLIbrary wiki mentions the open font licence in many
> places, but i dont know if a generic reference to any 'open font licence',
> or refers to SIL-OFL

The "Open Font License" always refers to the SIL OFL, as far as I
know. If there is a specific part that is ambiguous, please post a
link :-)

> that is the reason for my question (and it is an excuse to intervene in the list!)



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