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I think it's safe to say that ccHost 5 is officially 'behind schedule'
 by at least a few weeks. The biggest single hold up is IE6 compat on
 the 'Commons' skin - the one used by ccMixter. About 20% of the hits
 coming in to ccM are IE6 so it seems impossible to avoid that browser
 and it's stunning amount of bugs and quirks. IE7, FF2 and Safari are
 quite harmonious, but IE6 has forced literally dozens of mods, many
 with conditionals directly in the html templates.

 The good news is that vast majority of bugs are in the skins while the
 new template engine and dataviews (more later) and revised query
 engine seems pretty solid.

 Again, I'd like to emphasize that existing 4.x sites should plan on a
 few days (a week?) of migrating skins to the new template engine and
 that developers with plugins should expect about a day or two of
 coding to upgrade. Anybody with mods to core files (cclib, ccextras,
 etc.) can expect those changes to be completely useless.

 My hope/plan is that later next week I can
 - take another run at a full ccMixter upgrade on the beta site and if
 that works:
 - cut the 5 code over to the main branch of SVN then:
 - go 'live' with the code on ccMixter and if that doesn't give me a
 heart attack:
 - start 3x daily drops of the 5 code and open it up to general beta


 For the curious, here is a (abbreviated!!) list of the changes/fixes
 extracted from our source logs made to the beta branch in the last few weeks:
 after submit link to 'add files' was broken
 ie6: combo boxes leaked into overlay
 round boxes: widths were being ignored
 review page threw error for SippyCup
 ed picks page title was mangled
 ie6: visited menu items were bold
 ie6: "recommends" link would force menus below listing
 Submit form now uses ModalBox during upload (forced by ie6)
 ie6: 'Manage Files' commands were blank
 'dull screen' on upload was being called twice
 ie6: had to hack prototype.js to prevent ie6 from barking on setStyle
 call (from .map())
 menu was disabled during 'manage files' due to extra </div>
 visited file menu items shouldn't be bolded
 ie6: tag filter was ignoring 'see results' link
 ie6: 'create playlist' was not working
 topic button strings were brokens
 remix radio was ignoring 'recommends'
 pell browser was initializing too fast (and twice), causing errors
 ie6 doesn'tk know transparent png in bg
 min-resolution (1024x768) and IE6
 fixed bugs in the query browser
 bug #1875322  Recommends Browser
 bug #1875327      NSFW...
 more ie6 cleanup
 even more IE6 machinations
 bug #1869966 Display: remix browser username selection overlap (Firefox)
 bug #1862834 display: Dynamic forms unformatted (IE)
 ui tweaks to browser
 reviews link in wide listing
 fixed php4 bug after edpick
 bug #1862833      display: Box broken on user profile (IE7)
 upload admin was broken
 edpick formatting was broken
 fixed collab bugs/anomolies
 added break to topics with images
 bug # 1869195 missing feature: flagging
 bug #1869000 display: reviews container
 bug # 1870068  sample browser stream (text search was broken too)
 topic feeds were broken by a previous hack
 specific topic thread feed was broken
 ajax framework ver -1 - IE is a bear but's it's passable for now
 added collab user confirm fields to upgrade scripts
 bug #1868831      usability: no 'add review' link (3bugs)
 bug #1869142      broken link: feed icon in playlists
 extracted darken form
 bug #1865580 Tag Browse UI widget
 feature: query browser
 query rand param was broken
 extracted query filtering from query browsing in js
 bug# 1868219 Your Preferences Page - Default Profile Tab not being saved
 bug #1868225 Unpublishing an upload makes it inivisible to the owner
 bug #1868235 broken tag links on profile page
 bug #1868238 left hand menu, bad syndication links on api query page
 bug #1868346 Graphic BuGs
 various playlist bugs
 query was ignoring reqtags
 log in link now in banner
 new: config repair (replaces admin/edit)
 bug: typos in strings caused js errors
 collabs are no longer listed until invited guests manually confirm membership
 collab confirmed fields
 bug #1864212 'Play page' on search results not right
 bug #1864946 broken link: "reorder playlist"
 bug #1864941 "add to playlist" broken from upload page
 bug #1862845      broken link: archive by month
 bug #1864766 new user: Submit files /Recommends tab broken
 bug #1863634      broken link: Trackback Sitings Pool
 bug #1863776      "Copy text.." field in 'Share' is empty (IE/Safari)
 bug#  1864330     Collab File not showing

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