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>There is now a WOFF entry:
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>Question: 2.2 Can I make and use WOFF (Web Open Font Format)  versions
>of OFL fonts?
>Answer: Yes, but you need to be  careful. A change in font format
>normally is considered modification, and  Reserved Font Names (RFNs)
>cannot be used. Because of the design of the  WOFF format, however, it
>is possible to create a WOFF version that is not  considered
>modification, and so would not require a name change. You are  allowed
>to create, use and distribute a WOFF version of an OFL font  without
>changing the font name, but only if:
>the original  font data remains unchanged except for WOFF compression,  and
>WOFF-specific metadata is either omitted altogether or present  and
>includes, unaltered, the contents of all equivalent metadata in  the
>original font.
>If the original font data or metadata is  changed, or the WOFF-specific
>metadata is incomplete, the font must be  considered a Modified
>Version, the OFL restrictions would apply and the  name of the font
>must be changed: any RFNs cannot be used and copyright  notices and
>licensing information must be included and cannot be deleted  or
>modified. You must come up with a unique name - we recommend  one
>corresponding to your domain or your particular web application.  Be
>aware that only the original author(s) can use RFNs. This is  to
>prevent collisions between a derivative tuned to your audience and  the
>original upstream version and so to reduce  confusion.
>Please note that most WOFF conversion tools and online  services do not
>meet the two requirements listed above, and so their  output must be
>considered a Modified Version. So be very careful and  check to be sure
>that the tool or service you're using is compressing  unchanged data
>and completely and accurately reflecting the original font  metadata.
>Question: 2.3 What about other webfont formats such as  
>Answer: In most cases these formats alter  the original font data more
>than WOFF, and do not completely support  appropriate metadata, so
>their use must be considered modification and  RFNs may not be used.
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>Thanks to  Nicolas Spalinger for all his great work on the SIL OFL  :-)
This gives me a website (and project) idea:
Someone should make a website which has all the open fonts from the  
openfontlibrary in woff and eot and svg files (one for each individual  glyph).
It would be a big batch conversion project, and you would have to follow  
the requirements outlined for the SIL OFL fonts (but not the public  domain 
fonts) but it would be worth doing. You should follow SIL's  requirements 
even when working with the public domain fonts as to not create  confusion or 
two different ways of doing the same thing. One key thing to do:  Make sure 
the font's license is embedded in the new file in the other format. I  assert 
that any distribution of a SIL OFL font by anyone without that  license 
embedded in the newly converted file would be a violation of  the SIL OFL, *IF* 
that file's format is capable of having a  license entry.
Likewise, The text of the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication needs  
to be embedded in the converted fonts which are dedicated to the Public 
Domain.  DO NOT distribute any without it.
Eric Way
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