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Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Mon Feb 15 10:14:13 PST 2010

Peter Baker wrote:
> I've been lurking on this list for a while, never posted here before.
> Hi everyone!
> A couple of weeks ago, in response to a query on the XeTeX list, I
> wrote a little Python/FontForge script (called "fontswith") that
> searches through a directory (with all its subdirectories) looking for
> fonts with a specific set of glyphs. Turns out that this is a common
> sort of need, and various people have produced home-rolled solutions
> (Perl scripts, PHP scripts ...). Mine has a number of friendly
> command-line switches, can search ttf, otf, ttc, pfb and pfa fonts,
> and can speed searches by building an index for future use.

Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for creating and releasing such an incredibly useful utility!

Previously I used this tiny script (which allows for some visual
comparison): http://utilities.open-fonts.org/compfont
and fontaine's coverage info:

(BTW attacking the problem from another angle: Martin Hosken also wrote
a little utility using his very capable fonts:TTF module to compare a
text corpus against coverage of existing fonts and report missing

> A little while after Iwan Gabovitch posted the link to an archive of
> OFL fonts it suddenly occurred to me that one didn't actually have to
> have fonts installed or even present on the system in order to search;
> one just had to have the index. So I've made an index for the OFL and
> posted it along with my script, here:
> http://faculty.virginia.edu/OldEnglish/fontswith/
> There's only one hitch, namely that several of the fonts in the
> archive are inaccessible for some reason: instead of the font, I have
> a 14-byte text file containing just the phrase "file not found." These
> are the fonts in question:
> OFL-OSP_-_NotCourier-sans.ttf
> OFL-OSP_-_NotCourier-sans_1.ttf

The nice OSP folks can probably provide us with this one separately if

> OFL-PhaistosDisk_-_Layne_Rook.ttf
> PD-chemoelectric_-_Goudy_Bookletter_1.otf

Seems there's an upstream page here:

> PD-Daniel_J_-_Rahel.otf
> I suppose there's some easy fix for this; 

Yes hopefully these can become accessible for review again.

> but in the meantime I hope
> folks will enjoy having a simple way to discover which OFL fonts have
> glyphs that answer some particular need.

Thanks for providing that service.

IIRC Dave's presentation of the features of the OFLB at the last LGM had
a nice php frontend with jquery and fontaine magic underneath to report
interactively on the coverage of a font, a font covering part of the
Turkish writing systems was used as an example I think.

> Best wishes,
> Peter Baker


Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer
Debian/Ubuntu font teams / OpenFontLibrary

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