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Schrijver eric at authoritism.net
Tue Jun 15 05:38:03 PDT 2010

thanks Erik,

I remember a conversation at lgm with Jan, Ben and Denis about how tricky it is to deal with hinting in a collaborative workflow (and when deploying to multiple platforms).

I’m interested in hearing the experiences of the Déjà-Vu team in more detail. What issues did you run into? How did you solve them? Is the way Fontforge stores this hinting data satisfactory? (In that case it could be implemented in UFO in the way Erik describes).

Links to external resources much appreciated too, we can synthesize this into a wiki article later.


Op 15 jun 2010, om 11:22 heeft Erik van Blokland het volgende geschreven:

> On 15 jun 2010, at 09:12, Ben Laenen wrote:
>> And the main reason why you shouldn't work with UFO *at this moment*
>> is that it doesn't support basic stuff like truetype hinting yet.
> Perhaps I can explain a bit about the state of support of hinting data in UFO. It is largely due to the different ways in which TrueType hinting can be represented and the different expectations/formats various editors have. We're trying to avoid having to dictate what the right way is and left it "for later" or at least for "someone more knowledgeable". For instance, for storing vector or kerning information there is far less ambiguity and it is easier to define a shape for storing the data that's useful for all.
> Note that arbitrary application data or project specific data can be stored and retrieved from the UFO font.lib. It doesn't need much more than a "org.openfontlibrary.hinting.truetype" entry to make a place to store something.
> Cheers,
> Erik

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