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Fri Jun 25 09:10:52 PDT 2010

>So yes I was wondering about PostScript?are any open source fonts being  
distributed as PostScript? I see >mainly TTF.
The is a big set of open source fonts avalible for download in PostScript  
(Adobe Type 1 Font format) called the Computer Modern Fonts (by Donald  
Knuth). The Computer Modern Fonts are explicitly Dedicated to the Public Domain  
by the copyright holder. Recently, some people have made changes to the 
font  set including converting them to otf/ttf and relicensed those changes 
under  various licenses including the SIL OFL and a modified X11 license. When  
using the SIL OFL and/or x11mod licensed version of the fonts: Any glyph  
for which no substansive changes have been made remains in the public  
domain, while glyphs with substansive modifications would be subject to the  terms 
of the SIL OFL and/or x11mod. 
Eric Way
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