[OpenFontLibrary] New design work

Robert Martinez mail at mray.de
Thu Jul 14 12:10:46 PDT 2011


It is great to see Ricardo and Ana started this, and it looks nice!
I consider this is eventually too early feedback - but i really dislike 
the use of the logo for those 3 reasons:

i have to say i contributed the logo, so that's why i'm so interested in 
that particular part :P
on the other hand i really don't see so many issues on the rest of the 

1. raising the brightness with an extra box under the logo reduces the 
contrast and makes the upper section too vivid without emphasising the 
logo itself.
- why not make the font less bright and skip using the box?

2. the two-colored logo scheme reflected in the type is too much:
-it makes the "f" fall apart from the rest of the logo and defeats the 
reason for a clear monochrome logo: it adds to the extra vividness 
around the logo.
-it puts an emphasis where none is needed, i think the connection to the 
open clipart library does not necessarily have to be reflected in the 
logo itself more than it already does.

3. the aligned text on the left of the logo is a weakness.
-the current layout starts with two right aligned lines, continues with 
centered and then stays left aligned.
starting with the logo followed by left aligned text would put a natural 
emphasis on the logo.
It even offeres to do something interesting with it there, like scaling 
it up a bit and putting some catchy visual elements around it that add 
to the general style.

I really like the preview feature a lot it works great, and the 
additional information for every font is awesome and readable, too. Much 
better than before.
The fonts are now better separated from each other and the fonts-row 
stands out, while the sidebars fade away. Also there is more room for 
the actual fonts and less "head" space.
I'll stop commenting for now since the mail is lon enough already :P


On 07/14/2011 03:06 PM, Dave Crossland wrote:
> On 14 July 2011 08:12, Dave Crossland<dave at lab6.com>  wrote:
>> http://blog.manufacturaindependente.org/
> http://manufacturaindependente.com/oflb/20110712-homepage/ :)

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