[Openicc] Profile installation and association for Linux/Unix/X11

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Tue Apr 22 00:24:20 PDT 2008

Am 21.04.08, 21:22 +0200 schrieb Tomas Carnecky:

> This whole discussion can be split up into two questions:
> 1) Where to store the profiles
> 2) Who is responsible for setting the _ICC_PROFILE property
> To the first question. Where in the filesystem the files are stored 
> doesn't really matter, as long as the location is agreed upon and 
> captured in a specification. But you have to keep one important thing in 

Yes the proposal is here:
Still we need to place it somewhere on fd.o .
The directories are somewhat fixed paths. Arbitrary directories are not 
going to be supported supported in the same, so we discourage this.

> mind: the network transparency of X11, which is far more widespread in 
> the *nix domain then on Windows or MacOS. Due to the network 
> transparency it's impossible to predict on which host applications will 
> be running. It may be the same computer as the xserver is on, but it 
> also may be some remote computer. Applications from many different 
> computers can connect to one xserver and that is quite common. If the 
> profiles are stored in some directory in the filesystem, you risk having 
> applications see a different set of profiles. The only place that is 
> common to all X clients is the xserver. If you want all clients to have 
> a consistent view of available profiles, then registering them in the 
> xserver is the only solution (I will probably have to do something like 
> that for my GSoC project).

Please read firsat about the _ICC_PROFILE_xxx atom. It should cover 
most of what you target at (here a draft for the next version):

> To the second question. Obviously the xserver itself has the most 
> informations about which display devices are attached to it. So it would 
> be again preferable if the xserver managed the _ICC_PROFILE property. 
> See it this way: a xserver will always have the same display devices 
> attached (modulo notebooks), a session is more likely run on different 
> devices/xservers. In a large networked environment, the session would 
> have to manage a big database of display device/profile mappings, 
> whereas each xserver would only require one or two profiles for its 
> display devices.

This reads very logical. Nethertheless, my impression about colour 
management and Xorg developers was to some degree, that they had no one 
working on CM in Xorg. Hal notes in his post about the situation of Xorg 
rejecting responsibility for CM. I think this was connected.

Someone with good colour sensibility and understanding, a fairly good 
experience in X programming and a constant commitment to these tasks over 
yeasrs, could help in changing the situation.

In the long run, I cant imagine that a good CMS on Linux/BSD can be 
created without involvment in services like X, Cairo, printing and so on. 

A X11 library would IMHO be a appropriate solution with the above 

> I saw that there are still free slots in the LGM conference schedule. I 
> could write a few slides about my GSoC project and outline some of the 
> things that I'm planing to work on. Some of it would also partially 
> cover the things that came up in this thread here...


kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
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