[Openicc] Proposed "ucmm" display profile configuration convention used by ArgyllCMS.

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Mon Jun 2 09:11:35 PDT 2008

Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:

> The printer driver does typically not provide a preview. So it is up to a 
> higher level to do that; e.g. kprinter or the application itself.

But having users navigate to the profiles is poor U/I - they should
just be able to nominate the printer, just the same was as they shouldn't
have to specify the display profile all the time (it's implicit
in the choice of system connected device).

> In case you have the CUPS profiles in mind, applications want access to 
> those printing queue profiles.

Same argument as above. The names and location of the system connected
printers profiles is a detail that the user shouldn't have to know in
the normal course of events.

Graeme Gill.

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