[Openicc] Control slug for print outs with metadata about colormanagement settings

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Mon Dec 13 08:37:18 PST 2010

Hello list,
Making and applying ICC-profiles in the printing chain is sometimes 
quite tricky.
Especially, it is often not clear, if and how the collersettings of OS, 
Application and driver interact. As ICC member I have started a 
discussion at the ICC internal workflow group, to get a possibility to 
make this more transparent.
It would be very nice to get some feedback from OpenICC users what they 
think about very roughly sketched idea and the use cases.
Especially feedback from the projects
- Oyranos
- Scribus
- Gutenprint
would be welcome


For printing proofs, it is best practice (and also needed for ISO
12647-7 conformance), that the proofing application prints a a control
slug, which contains information about source profile, target profil,
intent and calibration status.

For doing print colormanagement outside the proofing area, we would need
a possibility, that both
- the OS
- the application
- the printer driver
creating together a controil slug, containing all relevant color
settings informations into one control slug (or additional print out)

For daily print outs, this would create a overhead on information, but
for troubleshooting or integrating custom printer profiles into a print
workflow, this would help a lot to know and to document, what have been

Target groups
- Endusers which are using individual ICC-profiles with standard printer 
(Photograhers, Graphic Designers, Inhouse publishers)
- Vendors offering software or measurement equipment for ICC printer 
profile generation
- system integrators and administrators maintaining document processes 
with output through standard printer drivers
- developer of printer drivers
- developer of standard software for publishing and document creation

Best regards

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