[Openicc] Print Out Control Slug with Color Settings

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue Dec 14 03:42:40 PST 2010

Hello all,
I will describe more detailed my whish of a "control slug" or 
"information line" with print relevant colorsettings, which I also 
dicuss with the ICC automated workflow group.

What I wish is a machine readable format of the current active 
colorsetting of e.g.
- Operating system
- application
- printer driver
at a defined place on a computer, e.g. 

If the user activates in the printer driver the option "print 
colorsettings information", all the colorsettings incl. colormanagement 
policies of
- Operating system
- application
- printer driver
are collected and printed into a one big "control slug, or information 

What would be the role of the OpenICC in this idea ?
The role of the OpenICC would be to create some kind of a small 
specification or technical guideline, which defines:
- A folder for LINUX systems, where thes active color settings for the 
OS and the print pipeline are stored as ASCII (or XML) text
- an XSD, if  XML is the prefered format
- a mechanism for an application which triggers a printout to "know" 
which color settings are involved in the printing chain. (e.g. is 
colormanagement on OS level involved or not...)

It would be nice to get some tatements from OpenICC members supporters, 
if they think, the concept makes sense from their point of view

Best regards

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