[Openicc] Named color profiles

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Mon Apr 11 02:04:30 PDT 2011

Hello Richard,
Beside the technical discussion with Chris and Graeme, I want give some 
input from workflow perspective.
Named color profiles can be used to describe color palettes in a 
device-independent format.
In the commercial applications area, more or less every programm uses 
his own file-format for color palettes.
Also the market leader Pantone / X-Rite has a licensind model, that 
every vendor of an app dealing with Pantone color palettes has to do a 
buy an individual pantone licence.

 From an Open-Source standpoint, it would make a lot of sense, if ICC 
named color profiles support in GCM are synchronized with open firle 
formats for color palettes. I think we had a discussion about 
colorpalettes in the openICC mailinglist some years ago...

A second approach is the usage of CxFv3. This is XML-format from XRite 
for communicating color mesurement values and color palettes, which may 
become an ISO standard in future.
In the past, the licensing politic of XRite was incompatible with Linux...

I will write to XRite to get further informations about CxFv3 and post 
the results here, if XRite don´t response to OpenICC mailinglist directly.

Best regards

Am 10.04.11 11:27, schrieb Richard Hughes:
> I'm slightly confused about named color profiles. I've been asked to
> support NCP in the gnome-color-manager viewer tool, but I'm a little
> unsure of the basics.
> As I understand it, each named color in a profile has a title (with
> shared prefix and suffix) and two values, a PCS value and a device
> value. I'm struggling to work out what the device value should be, if
> the PCS is XYZ. Even if the PCS is Lab, surely for v4 profiles we
> assume D50, and we can trivially work out the LAB value from the XYZ
> value or vice versa. Basically I'm struggling to work out why you
> would ever want a NCP with a PCS of Lab.
> So a few questions:
> * If the profile is v4 and PCS is XYZ, what values do I put into the
> NC device? The same as the NC PCS?
> * Do PCS Lab named color profiles exist? Does anybody have any
> examples of NCPs of either PCS type?
> * Is is possible to have a v2 NC profile with D65? Is it sane?
> * What's the normal convention of displaying the
> %{prefix}%{title}%{suffix} to the user as text? Delimit by " " or by "
> - "
> Thanks for any advice.
> Richard.
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