[Openicc] Decoding named data in a named color profile

Max Derhak max.derhak at onyxgfx.com
Thu Apr 21 14:38:37 PDT 2011

My guess is that these characters are the Registered "R in circle" and Trademark "superscript TM" symbols in some encoding format.

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Subject: [Openicc] Decoding named data in a named color profile

I've been sent a named color profile with the following byte sequences
in the name data field:

'P' (80)
'A' (65)
'N' (78)
'T' (84)
'O' (79)
'N' (78)
'E' (69)
' ' (32)
'H' (72)
'E' (69)
'X' (88)
'A' (65)
'C' (67)
'H' (72)
'R' (82)
'O' (79)
'M' (77)
'E' (69)
'�' (174)
'�' (134)
' ' (32)
'Y' (89)
'e' (101)
'l' (108)
'l' (108)
'o' (111)
'w' (119)
' ' (32)
'M' (77)

Looking at the ICC spec version 4.2, the text is supposed to be 7-bit ASCII.

Does anybody have any clues as to what the {AE}{86} is? I assume it's
supposed to be a (R) and then (C) mark, as I've seen that on other
links to HEXACHROME. It certainly doesn't look like any ACSII
codepage, utf8, nor any type of unicode to me. Some profiles just have
"HEXACHROME{AE} " rather than "HEXACHROME{AE}{86} "

So far, I've managed to work out AE needs to be converted to C2AE to
make a valid UTF8 string (default code page), but the 86 puzzles me.
Has anybody got any ideas?


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