[Openicc] CxFv3 support for LINUX color management framework

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Fri Apr 29 04:32:18 PDT 2011

Hello Tom and Raymond
Any news about CxF licensing for LINUX ?

Thanks and best regards

Am 19.04.11 22:54, schrieb Jan-Peter Homann:
> Hello Tom and Raymond,
> Any news about CxF licensing for LINUX ?
> Thanks and best regards
> Jan-Peter
> Am 11.04.11 13:49, schrieb Tom Lianza:
>> I will support this motion inside of Xrite.  I need to get with a 
>> number of
>> elements of the CxF team and Ray Cheydleur.  Ray handles most of our OEM
>> distributions so I would like to have him in the loop.
>> I think a license is quite possible, but I am absolutely the wrong 
>> guy to be
>> managing the effort.  Ray is in Berlin at the TC meetings so give us 
>> a week
>> to get this underway.
>> Thank you,
>> Tom Lianza
>> On 4/11/11 5:13 AM, "Jan-Peter Homann"<homann at colormanagement.de>  
>> wrote:
>>> Hello Tom,
>>> On the OpenICC mailinglist, there is currently a discussion how to
>>> handle device independent color palettes (and also color measurement
>>> values in general) as part of system wide LINUX colormanagement 
>>> framework.
>>> Do you think it is possible, to find a licence agreement between the
>>> LIINUX community and XRite for direct support of CxFv3 as part of LINUX
>>> dirstribution ?
>>> Possible LINUX CMM Frameworks for CxFv3 support would be the Gnome 
>>> Color
>>> Manager and the Oyranos project.
>>> Best regards
>>> Jan-Peter
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