[Openicc] GoSoC 2011: CPD and Color Management

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Mon May 2 07:58:41 PDT 2011

Hello all,
I don´t understand why a PPD should be involved to communivate 
gutenprint settings to the final rastertoprinter driver.

If the gutenprint settings are encoded as dictType in the ICC-profile in 
the printready raster file, there is no need to involve the PPD.

But there is the open question, how the enduser, who prints a profiling 
target can export the gutenprint settings for later integration in the 
ICC dictType

As a non-developer, I would wish, that we would have a gutenprint 
specific CPD option which has a button "Export driver settings"

Robert and Till;
What would be necessary to create such a CPD Option for rastertogutenprint ?

best regards

Am 02.05.11 16:06, schrieb Till Kamppeter:
> On 05/02/2011 03:28 PM, Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
>> How could the Gutenprint options be passed from a CUPS client to the
>> final rastertoprinter driver? Would placing them inside the PPD make
>> them visible to Gutenprint?
> The default option settings are defined in the PPD file on the server 
> (/etc/cups/ppd/<queue>.ppd). The client downloads this PPD file from 
> the server to build the option widgets in the printing dialog. If the 
> user changes the settings in the printing dialog, all changed settings 
> are sent along with the job as IPP attributes. These changed settings 
> are supplied to all CUPS filters as space-separated "<option>=<value>" 
> list by the CUPS server via the fifth command line argument. So each 
> filter knows the complete option settings. All options not set in the 
> fifth command line argument are still on default and can be read from 
> the PPD file (/etc/cups/ppd/<queue>.ppd).
>    Till

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