[Openicc] GoSoC 2011: CPD and Color Management

Hal V. Engel hvengel at gmail.com
Wed May 4 12:44:58 PDT 2011

On Wednesday, May 04, 2011 12:07:19 PM Chris Murphy wrote:
> It's an interesting and open question if the CPD should have an advanced
> panel for more complex requirements. Or if this "Advanced CPD" panel is
> something apps can subscribe to optionally. That way they can choose to
> keep options constrained for their users. I think that's a nice way to do
> this. And then if the "Advanced CPD" isn't enough, the application can
> customize yet another panel.

The current CPD UI design basically hides almost all configuration options by 
default with "number of copies" being the only one displayed by default along 
with a drop down to select a printer and another drop to select additional  
(advanced) options for display.  So in it's default state the CPD is very 
basic and designed primariy for nave users who "just want it to work." As it 
currectly works these additional options are based on PPD data and the PPD 
spec was extended to allow for the PPD to have extensive control over how 
these additional configuration options are grouped and displayed.

Currently there are no CM specific options in the CPD.  These of course are for 
the most part printer indepenent and should be available for any printer (IE. 
every printer should be able to opt out).  There is also a way for apps to add 
additional configuration options to the CPD but I don't know of any that have 
been modified to use this capability and I think that it should be possible to 
design a set of CM options that are complete enough that there is no need for 
apps to add additional options.

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