[Openicc] GoSoC 2011: CPD and target printing

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On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 9:24 PM, Alastair M. Robinson <
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> Hi,
> On 05/05/11 16:32, Chris Murphy wrote:
>  If a single application cannot be produced to do this correctly and
>> reliably, we certainly have the very same problem with it in a CPD that
>> then all applications are subject to with no other (simple) means of
>> working around it. I think that's a problem.
> What strikes me is that if it's impossible to do pass-through-colour using
> the CPD then our standalone target-printing application has to bypass the
> CPD completely.  It effectively has to implement a separate printing path,
> and can't leverage the CPDs setting of options, job tickets, etc., and the
> chances of keeping that application maintained and "in sync" with the CPD
> are pretty slim.

The only way one can guarantee that code stays in sync across apps is to
have a unique codebase.

> Having a CPD flag that applications use to signal that "advanced" options
> should be shown would be just about tolerable, I suppose, but still seems
> like needlessly sacrificing functionality on the altar of user-friendliness
> to me.  (And we see so much of that these days that some of us, myself
> included, are admittedly hyper-sensitive and quick to shout if we see any
> hint of it happening!)
> All the best
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> Alastair M. Robinson
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