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Chris Murphy lists at colorremedies.com
Sat May 14 15:34:07 PDT 2011

On May 14, 2011, at 3:03 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:

> On 14 May 2011 16:03, Chris Murphy <lists at colorremedies.com> wrote:
>> Speaking of wine, is there a passthrough from colord to wine, and wine to
>> apps, so that Photoshop/Lightroom are able to grab and use the currently set
>> display profile?
> I'm not sure how such a thing would work, but we probably ought to be
> teaching wine about the current screen profile somehow.
> The alternative is just to get get wine to opt into the xregion
> composting manager correction functionality. Other ideas welcome.

Yes it's a small problem if we really want platform parity for such apps - I think it's more compelling to allow Photoshop/Lightroom to use ACE for display compensation, just as they do on Mac OS and Windows, and have that pass through Wine and the compositing manager.

Otherwise it means fibbing to Photoshop and Lightroom, which cannot have display compensation disabled, about the actual display profile with something like ProPhoto RGB. And then the compositing manager doing a display compensation. In this case we lose all of the soft proofing features in Photoshop, InDesign, etc. I don't think that's the best way to be supporting these applications even if it is a really tiny number of people doing this.

Chris Murphy

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