[Openicc] Google Summer of Code 2011: The Common Printing Dialog and Color Management

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon May 16 00:10:55 PDT 2011

>>>>> "HE" == Hal V Engel <hvengel at gmail.com> writes:

HE> In addition, if the user is using a remote print server there is no
HE> way to get the profiles used by CUPS without doing some tricks in
HE> the servers installation/configuration to make this possible.

How does this fail?  Or, instead of "a remote print server", do you mean
to write "a chain of print servers"?

There is no good reason to point cups clients at localhost if the spool
is actually on another box.  lpoptions should specify the remote spool
as one's default printer in such cases.  And with that, both the CUPS
API and http over port 631 should give direct access to the PPD.

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