[Openicc] Printing targets: App or driver ? Profiling RGB or CMYK

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Tue May 17 18:12:44 PDT 2011

On Wed, 18 May 2011 03:09:02 +0200, edmund ronald wrote:
> I don't think the inter-device repeatability thing is FUD. Epson has a
> utility called ColorBase .
> http://www.epson.co.uk/article/1227894377886;jsessionid*B3F015106553CA9FBDA79254832611.acc2

But it requires an external device (it specifies a Gretag MacBeth or
X-Rite color measurement device).  That sounds like it profiles the
printer.  A very nice convenience indeed, but it doesn't sound like
special sauce within the printer.

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