[Openicc] Printing targets: App or driver ? Profiling RGB or CMYK

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Wed May 18 17:47:33 PDT 2011

Actually, technically speaking none of the current printers (nothing
since the *very* early inkjets, like the Epson Stylus Color) are
ESC/P2.  ESC/P2 is a well-defined printer language with a lot of fonts
and so forth.  No Epson inkjets from this century support that.  Epson
calls it "ESC/P2 Raster".  It's an extension of the positioning
commands from ESC/P2, with commands for actually printing the raster.
What's more, there have been at least a couple of different versions
of those extensions, one that was used until about 1999 and a
different one after that point.  So by now, it really shares nothing
but grammar with ESC/P2.  And at that, even the extensions have a
different form, and the parameters for a lot of the commands are
printer-specific (you have to know the head configuration and a bit
more to get those right).

So ESC/P2 isn't really correct, but it's a convenient name.

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