[Openicc] cupsICC on remote CUPS servers Part 2

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue May 24 04:41:28 PDT 2011

Hello list, hello edmund,
So far what I have learned about CUPS through this list, I think an 
process of updating the color entries of a sever side PPD about 
installed profiles and driver settings is way, how a communication 
between server and client could be realized.

Also prinrer profiles should include cupsICC specifiers and driver 
settings as metada.

the driver settings meta-data make scure, that profile and driver 
settings are always synchronized.
The cupsICC qualifiers (printer, media, resolution) will be integrated 
in the PPD wich will be used from the client.

CPD will parse the PPD and present the user the settings for media and 
resolution, which are installed on the server.

The user makes his selction through CPD and the cupsICC qualifiers are 
selecting the printer profile for pdftoraster. Rastertogutenprint reads 
the driver settings from the printer profile for printing with the right 

Best regards

Am 24.05.11 00:09, schrieb edmund ronald:
> Graeme, as ever you are right in principle; however maybe you could 
> describe a bit more how you would envision client and server to 
> correspond, with an emphasis on the fact that they may have been set 
> up with different software versions ...
> Edmund
> On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 12:05 AM, Graeme Gill <graeme at argyllcms.com 
> <mailto:graeme at argyllcms.com>> wrote:
>     edmund ronald wrote:
>         I see no reason why we should assume the print server knows
>         about either
>         profiles or settings. The print server can be totally dumb,
>         re. ink settings
>         all I expect to hear from it is "Yes, Master, I do as Ye command!"
>     I see very good reasons why the print server should know - they are
>     device properties and the print server acts as the agent for the
>     device to any (possibly remote) client using it.
>     Yes you could hack up a way of placing this information somewhere
>     else to work around a really dumb print driver/server, but you'd
>     be better in that case to create server that is aware of
>     printer settings and behaviour to encapsulate the dumb driver.
>     Graeme Gill.
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